Visuals for commercial marketing are a vital tool for property agents and developers to instantly show investors and occupiers the value in the design/space. It’s the best way to really show off the detail in the design and finishes and get a good feel for the scale of the build or the first point of contact in the reception/lobby and so on.

We will work with you to make sure we get the best images possible for your project. We generate a variety of compositions we think show the building at it’s best. We test a number of lighting conditions to demonstrate which best displays the detail of the design and fits the tone of your marketing/brand. We work directly with the architects to make sure no detail is missed and any issues can be raised and overcome early on in the process before we finalise the overall feel and mood of the images with you to make sure they sit well within your marketing strategy.

MDCvis - Colmore Building - Reception

Commercial Interior Visualisation

When it comes to selling commercial space, square footage used to be king however, with the rise of companies such as google who have a very unique way of setting out their offices, it’s more and more important to show off the communal aspect of the buildings as well as space that can be adaptable.

That being the case setting the right tone with your receptions and lobbies and communal areas such as atriums and co-working spaces, becomes key to the marketing and we will work with you to set the right tone for all of these spaces. We can work directly with your interior designers should you have one on board and if not we can use our previous experience to come up with a fit-out solution that fits with your target audience.

Café & Restaurant (Retail) Visualisation

Retail visualisation is a great tool for interior designers to not just sell the final design but to help with development of the design in the first place. We work directly with interior designers not just to create their finished product but to enable them to test setups at the ideas stage allowing them to see how they can work in real world scenarios. Working in this way allows relatively quick iterations of designs/layouts to get the best possible solution for the space.

Once this is done, it’s then a great peace of marketing to show to prospective clients not just for the space it was designed for, but for what you could potentially offer other clients. It’s possible to generate multiple styles for one space should you require to show the range of designs you can offer and how each design can really alter the feel of the space available.

MDCvis - Colmore Building - Cafe

MDCvis - Reception Concept - V01

Hotel (Hotspitality) Visualisation

Hotel Receptions/Lobbies are the first real contact you have with the Hotel. This first point of contact will set the tone for the whole thing so getting it right is of the utmost importance. Setting the right tone/feel to the space needs to be considered not only in the design but in the images as well.

Following on from that, the hotel rooms themselves need to be emotive and welcoming and display a true sense of the brand and the image the hotel wish to convey. Again detail is key but atmosphere and a sense of comfort need to be strongly communicated here to ‘sell’ the design and make viewer want to be there.

Commercial Exterior Visualisation

Exterior images start with the right composition however, there’s more than just camera angle to factor in. It’s important to understand that although your design should take centre stage the context it sits in is equally important to the impact of the image.Think of it as the frame to your development. That being the case we need to consider the image as a whole and the context needs to feel comfortable and correct in the shot.

Photomontages require some initial site exploration but once we get the right angle(s) the photography automatically brings a sense of realism that the viewer connects with. The important thing then is to ensure the CG element stays true to the rest of the scene it sits into. We do this by accurately matching lighting, reflections but also thinking about the process of what the buildings are subjected to over time. Metal cladding is unlikely to stay factory fresh forever. Stone can be subject to slight discolourations and so on. All these elements an onlooker subconsciously expects to see so all these are considered and added in where appropriate.

When we approach full CG exterior shots, we get much more freedom of movement with the camera but an added difficulty of making the context feel natural. Again, it’s the imperfections here that make the difference so we make sure these aren’t overlooked.

MDCvis - Colmore Building - Approach

Commercial Visualisation Portfolio

MDCvis - Euxton Lane - Entrance

Euxton Lane – Chorley – UK

 This concept design by GA Studios was for a potential renovation of a company’s headquarters in Chorley, UK. The premise of the project was to bring the building and importantly the approach, up to date. The general idea was to wrap the existing facades in a white perforated mesh and then, to create more contrast, […]

The Avenue - V01 Hero

One Bedford Avenue

One Bedford Avenue, branded as ‘The Avenue’, is a new commercial building on Tottenham Court Rd, London, offering a retail space and substantial office space above. For further details please see Developers: Exemplar / Ashby Captial Architects: Bennets Associates

MDCvis - Reception Concept - V01

Reception Lobby – Central Manchester

This set of images is for a concept of a Reception Lobby in central Manchester. The main purpose was to get an idea of how to create a flow through the long space available with the varied timber panels creating a feel of motion along it’s length.

MDCvis - Colmore Building - Approach

The Colmore Building – Birmingham, UK

A revamp of Colmore Plaza, re-branded as The Colmore Building, in Birmingham. For more details please visit