Seeking inspiration – Part 2

Inspiration - Instagram - Archvis

Quick follow up from my last post. Last time i spoke about where i find, or at least start to look for, inspiration.If you’ve not had a look already scroll down and there’s a list of links for various artists/photographers/websites that i find really useful as i start point.

Anyway, i realised that i have another source that i’d completely neglected to mention but i use everyday, and that’s instagram! A lot of the people i reference on the previous post i also follow on instagram which is great because the inspiration is not only sent to you directly… great… but they also tend to post things that you won’t see on their websites or in their portfolios because they’re more small/quick insights into their day to day lives.

It also works well as a motivator to go and explore again. It’s a little like an advertisement but for something that you actually want! 😉

Good luck!


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