With residential imagery it’s important to portray the space in as natural and realistic a manner as possible so the viewer can imagine themselves there. This is important as residential imagery isn’t just about the design, it’s about the selling the aspirations of it.

Composition is vital to the process. Setting up a shot that feels unnatural to the eye will likely make the viewer disconnect from the image regardless of the content. That’s why we spend time upfront producing a number of compositional and lighting studies that we feel best display your design and will enable the viewer to engage with the content rather than detach from it. You can then select what best works for your needs and we can progress from there.

From here we will progress with the finer details, furnishing textures for example, as we work closely with your interior designers or we can aid you with that process should you need us to.

Finally, and continuing on the natural theme, we need to make the scene feel inhabited to allow the viewer to imagine themselves there. This is done by dressing the space, adding ornaments, imperfections such as throws/blankets. All these elements have to be considered to produce an enticing and more importantly inviting interior image.

MDCvis - Geodesic Tree House V01

Residential Internal Visualisations

A key element of residential marketing is interior design. Showing the space with a well considered furnished fitout enables the viewer to see it’s full potential. We are used to working directly with interior designers to achieve the best solution or we can offer up our own experience to come up with a design that works best for the images.

As mentioned earlier, we need to make the scene feel inhabited to engage the viewer. Dressing the space, adding ‘clutter’ and imperfections such as throws/blankets is an important element to achieving this so we take the time to really consider this in order to produce a successful interior image.

Residential External Visualisations

With external shots we need to sell the aspirations of the building and it’s immediate surrounding. Residential marketing focuses on the community and social side of life as well as the building itself so it’s important to consider this in the images too. The context tells the story of the site so we need to make sure it isn’t dismissed but used where appropriate to enhance your project. That being the case a site visit is always advised and so we can get a feel for the area and take plenty of photos ahead of the main photography should it be required.

For full CG projects we have the freedom to create this context and community and set whatever tone to the image that is needed. It can take more work but in the end you get to create your own small part of the world to how it should be or how it will be!

The Court House - V02 Rear

REsidential Visualisation Portfolio

MDCvis - Clarke House - Hero Visualisation

Clarke House – Davenport, Cheshire

The site originally is a Victorian walled garden that someone decided to build a typical brown brick bungalow on in the 1970s. Fortunately that’s now been flattened and this beauty is going up!

MDCvis - Clarke House - Kitchen Visualisation V11

Clarke House – Kitchen

The kitchen space for this project is quite a unique shape so we were required to explore a number of views to make sure the angles and layout worked for what the end client needed. It was also important to show how light would travel through the space as there was early concern that there […]

MDCvis - Clarke House - Lounge Day

Clarke House – Lounge

We explored layouts and 2 different times of day for the lounge space so that the client could get a good sense of scale. The lounge brief was of one that felt ‘cosy’ but not cramped, so we used lots of soft fabrics and timber for the furnishings and chose simple designs so that the […]

Eddisbury Barns WIP – Macclesfield – UK

Eddisbury Barns is a private residence set to be built in Macclesfield, UK. designed by the team at Annabelle Tugby Architects (www.annabelletugbyarchitects.co.uk). The external images above are still work in progress subject to planning and will be finished once this goes through hopefully in the next month or so!

MDCvis - Geodesic Tree House V01

Geodesic Tree House

This was a concept idea i had for a geodesic ‘tree house’ structure having seen some of the luxury holiday lets in the New Forest, Hampshire – UK. The main goal was to test how the roof structure could work and to spend some time refining modelling techniques for the fabrics/throws for the bedding.

Residential visual Night

Plot G Residential – Castlefield

Castlefield residential project with GA Studio Architects. These visuals were an integral part of the delivery to get the project through quite a controversial planning application which we’re pleased to see went through. Architect: GA Studios Photography: Emotive Creative Articles: Architects Journal

MDCvis - SPHQ Crescent Night

Salford Police HQ

A range of images for the redevelopment of the City of Salford’s old Police HQ for Property Alliance Group. The scheme intends to convert the main HQ into high end flats with the addition of 23 family townhouses to the rear of the site. The new additions were sympathetically designed by Annabelle Tugby Architects to […]

MDCvis - Study Of Light - Bedroom

Study of Light

Study of Light is an internal project setup to produce images solely lit through single point diffused light. There is often a heavy demand for architectural marketing images to show glorious sunlit shots, even on interior images, whereas in reality we can produce much more dynamic images without such harsh lighting. Hopefully these shots portray that.

The Court House

The Court House is a bespoke residential property designed by Annabelle Tugby Architects for a plot in the Cheshire countryside. For more details please get in touch!