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Architectural Visualisation

A basic definition of architectural visualisation (or archvis) is the rendering of an image to depict how a future building or development will look. For us however it’s much more than that. Architecture has a huge impact on our day to day lives, whether it’s the homes we live in, or the wonder of engineering seen across great cities, or links to our history standing still in time for centuries. It inevitably inspires great emotion, love or hate. As artists we get to build these great constructions before they ever see the light of day and we get to draw out the emotive response through our images.

In it's earliest form these were works of art hand rendered. They tended to be very striking illustrations, bold and aspirational. They were selling the dream.

Today, we produce these images through computer software that very accurately lets us model buildings/spaces to exact dimensions in 3D space. We can place cameras in this space/scene with full ‘real-world’ attributes including every aspect of a digital camera you would hold in your hand today. Settings right down to shutter-speeds, aperture settings, even replicating lens distortions and aberrations should we wish. Various advanced mathematical papers regarding how light travels and interacts with the world around us have been used to develop the software we use to produce the most physically accurate rendering solutions so you can see exactly how your building will appear in the real world. These equations are also used in allowing us to create accurate representations of how materials will react to the lighting solutions. The end result is now as close to photography as we have ever been. That’s the science behind what we do anyway. The problem is there are photographers and then there are Photographers. Anyone can take a photo, very few can take one that you would want to stand in front of for hours on end just soaking it in. And therein lies the difference.

With Architectural visualisation there has to be more than ‘a view from here and here’. Composition is vital to a good image, everything has to balance, everything should have a reason for being there and so on in order to draw the viewer into the image. There should be a primary focus and potentially a secondary focus and no more. Trying to get too much into an image just overwhelms it and whatever you originally wanted from the image gets diluted and lost. That’s why we have a previs stage where we spend time with a basic model and lighting setups and we’ll explore the scene, rendering compositions that we believe work best for your building and your marketing strategy and then you can choose which you would like to progress.

Lighting has a huge impact on atmosphere and mood so again we’ll test a few different setups for you and recommend what we feel works best for your needs. Generally, we’ll show you some reference images from photographers so you can get a feel for what we’re aiming for and we’ll then apply those to a basic scene as above.

Once we find the right solution,  we can carry on with the finer details of architecture/interior design. We’ll work directly with the designer and make sure everything is as detailed as we can make it so the quality of the design can really shine through. We then move on to the final stage of post-production where we tweak colour tones and brightness and move the render on from a digital representation to something more. This stage also greatly depends on the referenced style chosen early on in the production. Some are clean and simple and require very little. Some are more in depth, more worked into to generate a more provocative end result.

And that’s it! The end goal is to produce something beautiful, something that people can make even the slightest connection with. Something that can hold your attention and something that tells the story of the content, your design. And with any luck, something that helps you get the most from your project.


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